Oui madam, c'est la Grid!

Here's a 4 columns block.
Now let's add a perfectly proportioned French flag:

1/3 bleu
1/3 blanc
1/3 rouge

C'est neat, non ?

Here's what's left (8 columns) without me having to specify it. I divide it into two halves:

First half, a Youtube video

Second half, another flag!

What about das Grid?

No need for horizontal stripes


Resize this window for la Grid is fluid!

Left-hand side col: one half.
Our new take on the French flag: one colour per column.

Some room left for a ooh la la!
You can't really tell but, trust us, the middle column is white.

We're fighting divitis here (link can't be clicked when #lagrid shows). I'm a h2 which takes one fourth of the available space. So much for classitis though, I'm wearing two classes...

Left-hand side col: one fourth too.
Let's paint this last column black.